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Terms of use

Welcome to Sexix.pro.


This site is subject to these terms of use, which may be updated without prior notice.

1. Registration

In order to use all of the services on the site, you are committed to providing us with the necessary information in a truthful and up-to-date manner. If the information is not complete or accurate, we reserve the right to cancel your account and deny access to adult content. Only one account can be opened per person.


2. Limited Site License

The purpose of this site is to share videos and photos for adults. You will not use the site for other personal or commercial purposes We reserve the right to refuse to browse the site for those who do not meet these conditions.

Sexix.pro is not prepared for children, it is not allowed to include commercial material or material that modifies the content or structure of the site or that may impair the sensitivity of certain people on the basis of race or gender.

The site is prepared to allow users to include and distribute multimedia material. We are not responsible for the content added to the site by users, in any case, we will remove any content that may offend third parties, violate any law or law or is not appropriate for the theme of the site. The use of such services is subject to the following conditions:

You understand that all materials, comments, messages, information, texts, softwares, sounds, images, videos, graphics or other materials of any nature transmitted by users to or through the site are the sole responsibility of the user. . As much as the user and not the address of this site, is entirely responsible for the materials sent or published on the site. Therefore, you understand that by using the site you should not publish offensive, objectionable or indecent material.
You agree not to create user accounts to upload or distribute through the site, or any other medium of publication, any defamatory, obscene, humiliating, invasive, private, abusive, illegal or racist, sexist or otherwise suspected violation material of rights of any kind or laws.
Your materials, username or other data may not affect your administrators, promoters, products, services, and websites.
Your materials must not infringe any copyright, publicity, private or intellectual property of anyone
Materials may not violate any law or law and may not be under any humiliating, immoral or violent concept.
You agree not to send or distribute through the site any material of a direct or indirect commercial nature or content that solicits funds, promotions, advertisements or requests for products or sites. You understand that soliciting other users to use any other commercial site or other organization is expressly prohibited.
You agree not to send or distribute any material through the site that contains or contains computer viruses or other computer code with malicious content, corrupted files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of the site, software, hardware, networks, servers or other equipment.
You are not allowed to act in any way that negatively affects other users in your interaction with the site.
It is strictly forbidden to collect or store personal information of other users.
Materials submitted or sent by users of the site can not be viewed by site administrators and displayed directly on the site, although we reserve the right to deny or delete any material. Without limiting our rights, site administrators reserve the right to remove any material that does not comply with these terms of use or that does not allow access to the site. You agree that site administrators have no power or responsibility to store or remove any type of material that may be compromised by any user of the site. We reserve the right to modify these general practices and limitations at any time.


3. Privacy Policy

All information provided by users of the site is subject to our Privacy Policy. By registering on the site, you agree to our privacy policy.


4. Keys and Security

By registering on the site, you are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your access code and your account, and you are fully responsible for all activities that occurred in your account and password. You agree to notify us immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or password or any other breach of security. You agree and agree that site administrators may access, preserve and delete your account and materials, if required by law or reasonable preservation of: (a) lawsuits; (b) the clauses of these conditions of use; (C) the possible violation of the materials for the rights of third parties or natural persons or users or administrators of the site persons. You understand that technical processing and transmission related to site interaction, including the transmission of materials, may occur across multiple networks and changes to conform to and adapt to stringent technical requirements for connecting to networks. You understand that the site may have security components that allow digital materials to protect and use of such materials is subject to the rules set by site administrators and / or content site providers. It is not permitted to attempt to nullify or deceive any of the rules of use integrated in the Site.


5. Competitions and Voting

At some point, site administrators can organize contests or competitions where multiple prizes can be awarded. You agree that if you participate in any contest or competition, you will comply with all rules and will be subject to all terms and conditions of such competition.


6. International Use

Recognizing the global nature of the Internet, you agree to comply with all local regulations regarding online conduct and acceptable materials. In particular, you agree to comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of technical data exported from the country in which you reside.


7. Remuneration

You agree to indemnify the site administrators, affiliates, partners and employees for any claims arising out of your misuse of the site or violation of these terms of use or third party rights.


8. Acceptance of Risks

You assume all risk that any material downloaded from the Web or through the Web may damage or modify your equipment or applications. site materials can not be downloaded just seen as well as being controlled against malicious codes, in any case, downloading them is not allowed by the external to the methods of the website and if so, will be the sole responsibility of the user. You understand that the site may find materials, user reviews or access to applications and services of the site, containing vulgar, obscene or offensive expressions that site administrators are not responsible for. In any case, such materials will be removed, if agreed by the site administrators, once they are known. You understand that site administrators can not be held responsible for any loss or damage of any kind caused by transactions with third party sites advertised on the site or content providers on the site.


9. Limitation of Liability

You agree that site administrators can not control all material shared and stored on the site at all times. Site administrators are not responsible for any damage that the materials may cause or for the rights that may be violated. In any case, and once they become aware, site administrators exclude, modify or enhance any material that is or may be harmful in any way.


10. Links, Sponsors

The site may contain links managed by third parties that are not under our control or that are consequential damages, are not responsible for any content that may contain. We only provide convenience links whose inclusion does not imply that the administrators of this site accept any responsibility for the content of the linked sites. Obviously, we do not have power over these sites.


11. General practices regarding use and storage

You agree that we may establish general practices and limits on the use of services, such as retention time of certain materials (if any), the maximum quantity of materials that can be sent or received by an account, the maximum size of materials, the virtual space allowed per account. It can also be the case of disabling accounts whose idle time is high.


12. Property Rights

You are aware and agree that the site and any necessary applications used on the site and for it contain confidential information protected by intellectual property laws. You acknowledge and agree that the content displayed on the sponsor’s website or any other information or content presented by the site or the sponsors is protected by copyright, intellectual property, patents and / or other rules or laws. Unless expressly authorized by our sponsors, you agree not to modify, rent, lease, lend, sell, distribute or create applications or materials of any kind derived from or based on the site, its applications and / or materials, in whole or in part. Occasionally, it may be transferred or provided on the site, requirements or codes for personal and non-transferable use, such materials shall be treated as described above.


13. Not applicable to third parties

You agree, except as expressly provided in these Terms, there will be no third party beneficiaries or subject to these terms.


14. Notices and Changes

Site administrators may make notices, including changes to these Terms of Use, by email or through the site. Any use on the site or after modifications or the terms or conditions of use or any other update, will constitute acceptance of such updates or new conditions. If you do not agree to the new terms or conditions, you must terminate your registration on the site or stop accessing it as well as your services.


15. Procedure for making claims for infringement of intellectual property or copyright

We respect people’s intellectual property rights and call our users to do the same. Site administrators, under appropriate and discreet circumstances, may disable user accounts that violate the previously mentioned rights. If you believe that your work has been copied in a way that violates copyright or that your copyright and copyrights have been infringed, please provide the following information to continue:

electronic or physical signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of personal interests under intellectual property or copyright;
description of copyrighted work copied or other infringed intellectual property;
description of where the material you believe to be a copy on the site;
address, telephone number and / or e-mail address;
declaration of good faith in the creation of the dispute and that the copyright owner does not authorize the use of the materials
statement that the above information is true and that you are the intellectual owner or authorized to act on behalf of the author.
Notices or notices about copyright or intellectual property violations can be sent to support@x-artvideo.net

16. General information

These conditions constitute the agreement between the site administrators and their users, marking the use on the site and the replacement of any prior agreement. You may also be subject to additional terms and conditions relating to and applicable when you use or purchase other services or products, affiliated services and / or third party content or software.

Settlement of disputes. You agree that any dispute arising out of the relationship of the site administrators, their affiliates, the same site or a discussion with reference to these Terms, their validity or effect shall be governed by the laws of the relevant state. You agree to initiate any dispute that you deem appropriate for any information or material stored on the site within six (6) months after the presumed date of the event that caused the dispute.


17. Infringement of these conditions

Please inform us of any violation of these Terms of Use at support@x-artvideo.net